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The challenge of new beginnings - facing your fears

Beginnings can be difficult for many reasons. Often they are focussed on the fear of the unknown which can be challenging because the fear itself is a mental obstacle, created by us.

We can often recognise our ‘comfort zone’ a place where we feel safe and protected. New beginnings require your planned departure from that comfort zone and navigate uncharted territory, which can often be a scary proposition.

If you struggle with new beginnings, here are a few steps that can help with your fear of the unknown.

1. Accept that change and uncertainty happens

Change occurs in life, whether we instigate it or not. Life is ever evolving and rarely stays the same for any length of time. Things can happen that will impact our lives in ways we do not expect but acceptance of inevitable change will go a long way towards helping you with your new beginnings.

 2. Understand your fears

We experience fear as a response to something that we perceive as threatening or harmful. Ask yourself the question “what am I afraid of?”. Understanding fear can help to remove some of feelings associated with it. If you know what it is that bothers you it will help bring about a sense of ownership. Owning your fears gives you control over your worries rather than your worries and fears controlling you.

3. Write down your fears

Writing things down can be therapeutic and the process of committing fears to paper helps to dissolve the power they have. Awareness of your fears will help you to see what barriers you have and you can then start working towards finding personal solutions.

4. Use positive language

Language is a very powerful tool. Often when we fear something our language in respect of that issue will be negative. If you use positive language it can help you to see more possibilities in your life and open and broaden your mind to many more options. Positive emotion, energy and language can lead to personal change and help you overcome your fears.

5. Embrace your learning

Your journey will have provided some personal learning. Review all that you have learnt and appreciate it. Wherever you view it as positive or negative it is all learning and offers opportunities for personal growth. 

May you always look at your new beginnings positively, face your fears and not allow your mind to hold you captive.

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