The benefits of having counselling online

Have you thought about having therapy online but are not sure about it? Maybe you don't really understand how it works?

I have put together some of the benefits which may apply to you. First though, how does it work?

There are choices for you to decide how you want to engage with your therapist. It can be video call where you see each other, audio only just like a telephone call or text-based like having a conversation on a chat application. Still in real time but all messages.

This choice is one of the first benefits for clients, you can choose what makes you more comfortable. Some people are distracted by video calls and very self-conscious so prefer an audio call. Others have slower connection speed which means they prefer audio or messages. Others prefer message based because they find it very hard to talk about their issues and this makes it easier for them.

While some people are ok with meeting their counsellor face to face in their office, for many it is very hard and it can stop them accessing counselling in the first place. Working online means you are able to choose where you are, usually at home, so it can be a lot more comfortable. Being in a more comfortable place can make it easier for you to talk about what is worrying you.  

For some clients, the biggest benefit is the convenience. Not having to travel to and from the counsellor’s office can save a lot of time. You may not live or work very close to a counsellor or be in a small community where seeing a local counsellor wouldn't feel comfortable.

As well as the travel convenience, scheduling a regular weekly slot can be hard for some people due to other commitments. Therefore, for people working shifts, evenings and different patterns each week this might be the only way you can get to see a counsellor.

As a way of working, it's still relatively new to a lot of people but try it. You might find it is the best way for you.

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