'The anxitement scale'

The continuum scale I term ‘the anxitement scale’ reflects the two energies of anxiety and excitement. They are closely related and run along a line whereby anxiety is on one end and excitement is along the other. These two states are both high energy states.

Once we move from anxiety to excitement, physiologically we are then feeling excited but the thoughts associated with this are now positive and driving forwards rather than holding us back. If we view anxiety in this way, it is easier for the mind to make sense of anxiety. Have you ever attended a meeting or social event and found your mind filled with negative thoughts which build up in your mind?  If you know this social occasion is good for you but you are having issues with your anxious thoughts and physical manifestations of these thoughts, this is the perfect time to use it. By stopping for a moment, asking yourself what is bothering you and encouraging yourself to do what you feel is for your highest good, you give yourself a choice in this moment to focus on what you would like to gain or grow from this experience and also give yourself a choice to see if this is right for you too. In this moment, you are empowering yourself.

You can move from a state of anxiety into a state of excitement by changing and refocussing the thoughts feelings and emotions which are based around the triggers of anxiety. Once you identify the triggers, environment, people, feelings, circumstances around the anxiety, you can then see more clearly, the steps you need to take in order to move forwards with your life. The key thing here then is to be kind to yourself and go slowly, reinforcing the new state of being mildly elated and noticing when you fluctuate. Be kind to yourself as you work through this. When you are beginning to experience anxiety in its early stage, it is manageable and can be channelled into states which drive you forward rather than holding you back. If anxiety turns into a debilitating condition, guidance may be needed from a professional. 

Anxiety is such a big topic and I have based this article today, briefly, on the concept of how we can begin to manage anxiety, how we need to pay attention to anxiety, to listen to our bodies and work with them, giving yourself time and space to do so.

Once the triggers are identified, small steps can then be made to create a more comfortable situation, to have your basic needs met in order for you to manage your internal state. People often set themselves up to fail without realising it, by being late, not thinking of the other person, acting in ways which project on to those around them. This in turn is then picked up on by those around them and they react accordingly. Therefore, by taking responsibility for your internal state, you become more aware of your needs and more likely to take care of yourself. You will then see the difference in those around you as they begin to feel more comfortable as a result of you being more comfortable with yourself.

I invite you to close your eyes for a moment, take your attention to your breath, and breathe in and out, slowly. Then take your attention to your head. Breathe into your head space, do the same for each part of your body until you reach your toes. Then visualise yourself feeling grounded. Then take your attention to any area of your body where you are holding tension. Breathe into this space. Visualise breathing in the pure oxygen around you, freeing up your cells to do their jobs for you, then breathing out anything which does not serve you. The area which you are holding tension also tends to be the area which you are holding anxiety. You may feel a fluttering, sometimes a colour may appear too. 

Daily practice of meditation, of doing something which takes your mind to a place where it can feel calm, all adds up to a more balanced state. Go to the sea, allow yourself to see the wood through the trees, seek out nature in whichever way you connect with and you will find you coming back to you.

If you need further support, get in touch with a local counsellor or psychotherapist who can offer you extra guidance.

I wish you well on your journey.

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Written by Marie-Louise Rolfe, MBACP Acred & Rgd Psychotherapist, Mindset & Wellbeing Coach
Truro TR1 & London EC3N

I walk with others on their journey to enable them to live a grounded and uplifted life, in whichever form this may be for the individual. From grief to joy, from low self-esteem to self-confidence, from anxiety to excitement, from challenging to wholesome relationship with self and others.

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