Sunshine after the rain?

As spring arrives and we see blossom on the trees, longer days and hopefully more sunshine after a very wet winter, most of us cannot help but feel more optimistic about life. However, it is so important to remember that, for many, deep-rooted emotional issues remain whatever the weather. It is hard for people to recognise that the flowers that died in the autumn are returning buds waiting to flourish into beautiful flowers once again.

What's this got to do with me, you might ask? Well, let's for a moment think about our friends and families - does anyone you know seem to be struggling with life right now? Are they suffering from stress, anxiety, grief or living with the long term effects of abuse? You may even recognise yourself from this description. If the answer is "yes" then it doesn't matter how lovely the weather outside appears - it can feel dark and wintery all year round for thousands of people feeling this way. It can feel as if the flower within that is desperately wanting to bloom again has died at the roots, never being able to show its beauty once again. But this winter does not have to last forever.

Counselling is one way that can change the seasons for the better. I won't lie and say that it works for everyone, or that counsellors have a magic wand; in fact, counselling can be initially very painful as you become more aware of the root of the issues you are struggling with. Counselling can offer you a safe and confidential environment in which you have an opportunity to explore the things that are impacting on you and preventing you from enjoying life and reaching your full potential.

It is also important to acknowledge that not every counsellor is right for every client. Successful counselling is very much about the therapeutic relationship. There are different types of counselling. If you do not feel that the counselling relationship is  working for you I would urge you not to dismiss all counselling but to try another therapist.

Please take heart and believe, as I do, that with the right support it is possible to find sunshine after the rain!

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