Self-belief and where to get it ...

Self-belief wanted. Apply within.

A friend sent me this and it made me chuckle and then me being me I had to reflect.

So many people want self-belief yet they do not know where or how to get it. How many things have you not tried or done because you lacked belief in yourself?

Self-doubts can creep in like unwelcome house guests that keep calling around because you've attended to them once. Some doubts can be:

-Can I really do this?
-Other people are better, smarter and more worthy than me.
-What will other people think? 
-What if I fail?

Self-belief differs from individual to individual. It is having confidence in your own abilities or judgment. By advancing this skill you can reach any goal you set yourself - can you imagine what you are capable of?

Nothing holds you back more than your own insecurities.

Remember self-belief is learnable. 

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Written by Dr Lalitaa Suglani
Birmingham B15 & Earlswood B94

Dr. Lalitaa Suglani.
Counselling Psychologist and Life Success Coach

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