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Rogers 7 Stages of Personality Change in Therapy - Fluidity

In Client-Centred Therapy (Rogers 1951) and On Becoming a Person (Rogers 1961) Rogers refers in the process of personality change to a move from rigidity to fluidity in a more fully functioning person.

When we are feeling guarded, defensive and closed down it's interesting how fixed and rigid we can become - routines can become oppressive and we dare not step outside and look at ourselves (counselling can help). In fluidity then we are more open to experience around us and of others. This is something I have mentioned before in that there is a concern currently around communication with younger generations in particular often being oblivious to their surroundings via the never-ending "wired" society - mobile phones and Ipods for example creating a "white noise" which can cut people off. In effect attending to the moment and not getting distracted seems to produce a far more fulfilling moment by moment experience AND crucially allows an openness to the surroundings, people and communication.

So a challenge to some of the current status quo is to remain open and fluid within our being and simply seeing what comes up. The more we cram these moments then the less space for something coming up. Rogers goes on to talk about tolerating ambiguity and again this is something that needs practice. But often it means that we have to just sit with uncomfortable feelings and thought and not reach for an immediate solution.

These are all life's challenges and in many ways, we are actively discouraged from the practice of them - this means we have to be very careful about how we treat our time.

Feeling the feelings keeps us alive.

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London, NW11 7PH

Written by Graham Allen

London, NW11 7PH

Graham Allen is a counsellor/psychotherapist based in North London and a Middlesex League Cricketer. A London based Psychotherapist practising in Golders Green and at the British College of Osteopathy and Medicine.

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