Relationships -it takes two to tango

A relationship that is going to work needs to have give and take. Just as in the act of tango dancing, you can only keep interest in the relationship - and your partner - if you work together to keep the sparks going.

So, how can you keep the spark ignited? The intrigue, romance and integrity of the tango are essential aspects of the dance, and of your relationship with your partner. You start off in a relationship as a novice dancer, unsure of where the relationship is going, but you have an interest in wanting to find about more about your partner. Moreover, you want to learn the art of romance and whether it is there for you. Where the romance is present you find that, the more you learn "the dance", the greater the feeling and intensity you have within the relationship. The more you work together the stronger you become in the relationship you share.

As you continue and grow as individuals and as a couple, so this allows you to flourish in the dance of tango. You need to be realistic about what stage of the tango you are in. You need to ask yourself; are you doing your bit to keep the tango going with your partner? Or is it time to find a new partner if this relationship is not giving you what you need?

Some of the key principles that are needed to set a foundation to a relationship are the following:

  • Trust
  • Love and commitment
  • Quality time
  • Honesty
  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • Spontaneity
  • Accommodation
  • Fun & laughter
  • Encouragement and support
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Responsibility

Ask yourself where you lie within each of these areas. Moreover, explore where you partner fits within all these. It helps to see what is happening within your relationship; the good, the bad and the ugly.

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Written by Davinder Kaur Sahota

Sinfin, Derby, DE24 9PW

Life can have it ups and downs, its challenges and issues that sometimes can be hard to deal with and move on from. So the question is: Do you want to exist free of: Feeling stuck? Feeling low and depressed Stressed or anxious? High relationship issues? Got a lot on your mind? Worries about issues i...

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