Relationships and Attachments

Those with issues that affect their relationships may find these result from something in themselves, in others, or in both.

Examples of where counselling sessions have been able to help are:

Feeling anger: unable to control how they react; unable to deal with others who get angry with them.

Feeling unable to form attachments: unable to feel and show warmth; unable to respond to the other with warmth.

Feeling the other is not good enough: unable to accept how other people are; unable to deal with others who seem to have unreasonable expectations of them.

Feeling constantly worried: unable to avoid being constantly worried about others; unable to cope with others who constantly worry about them which seems to smother them.

Feeling unable to cope: unable to 'see the wood for the trees'; unable to deal with difficult situations which are not of their making.

Through talking and sometimes acting out typical situations, you can develop understanding of what is happening.  After this you can learn to take control of how you act and respond to others.

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