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Relationship issues: The most difficult months of the year

I find as a Therapist, there are certain months in the year, when couples seek help for relationship issues more than others. The first is January. People are thrown together over the holidays and expected to get on. The truth of the matter is, people who normally spend only a couple of hours per day together, find it difficult to adjust to spending many hours, or even days together. The stress of living up to each others unrealistic expectations can cause an unbelievable amount of damage. Add to that the possibility of other family members being with them and you have real issues.

When planning to spend time together for longer spells of time than usual, couples need to factor in some time apart, each day. This will help them to prevent simple arguments, avoiding development into full blown war. They should give each other space, this will help them both relax and enjoy each others company.

Other difficult months are April, May, July and August for the same reasons. September is usually a busy month for therapists because couples have spent holiday time together and find that cracks have developed in their relationships. 

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