Relationship issues: When not to push it

In any relationship there are good and bad times to bring up an issue. Many couples get into a negative cycle of pushing an issue at the wrong time. Some will keep going round in circles - never moving forward.

A couple should give each other the space to walk away and come back to the table. Never follow each other around - this will make you feel trapped or over-powered, making things worse. If individuals are given space in an argument there is more chance of sorting it out.

Don't always use the same routine to sort out your issues - address the problem when it arises, not some hours or even days later. Go out somewhere you can talk and not shout at each other, such as for a meal or a quiet drink. Never leave an argument until bedtime as this will only make the issue worse. If you can, allow each other time to finish talking before you jump in with your reply. Your partner may not be going to say what you think they are going to say, and you won't know until they have finished speaking.

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