Relationship Counselling: Open the door to a new beginning

It can take a good deal of courage to talk with a perfect stranger about your personal life. Yet for some people having someone neutral to talk things over with is a great relief.  

Talking is one of our greatest gifts; the expression of words can explain our thoughts and feelings. But in close relationships it can also be the cause of many disagreements or misunderstandings, which can lead to holding back on what we want or need to say. 

When, for whatever reason, we no longer have the words to express ourselves, we risk the chance of building resentment; this can be followed by the slippery slope of growing apart and losing the closeness we once had.

Although it can seem impossible to re-build or move forward in a relationship from this point, Couple Counselling can help partners express themselves and be understood. While aiding the couple to re-think the situation, Relationship Counselling can help re-ignite the closeness in a relationship.

Talking with family and friends will no doubt makes us feel better, though we are not likely to get an opinion which is neutral. People who know us will listen with judgements and knowledge that will colour their reaction and make it difficult to be objective.  

In Couple Counselling you will have a neutral, therapeutic space where both of you are able to express thoughts and feelings without fear of rejection, criticism or blame through Relationship Counselling it is possible to develop a different sense of yourself and your partner, and begin creating new building blocks specially designed for your specific life.

With your willingness to be open and honest, Relationship Counselling can help to re-create a level of communication that makes the difference between just existing together and having an intimate relationship, breaking up or staying together. 

Through Couple Counselling it is possible to open the door to a new beginning, and once opened your needs and wants mixed with a little creativity can shape a better future for you both.

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