Relating - can the language of astrology help clients

In astrological therapy, astrology affords the client an abstract language to externalise and express parts of themselves. Carl Jung had the following to say about astrology:

“We do not believe in the reality of Olympus so the ancient Greek Gods live in us today as symptoms.

 We no longer have the thunder bolts of Zeus; we have headaches.

 We no longer have the arrows of Eros; we have angina pains.

We no longer have the divine ecstasy of Dionysus; we have addictive behaviour.

Even though we no longer recognise the Gods, we experience their powerful forces”.

In psychological astrology, the planet Jupiter (Zeus) represents the boundary of one’s personal subconscious and marks our need to grow, to learn and to find faith. Striving for ultimate justice, he does however fall foul to excess, gluttony and exaggeration. Jupiter moves into the sign of love, beauty, art, law and justice and relationships, aka Libra on 9th September 2016 and stays here for approximately one year. Below are some ideas to consider over this period: 

  • Balance is Libra’s ultimate goal but there is a lot of conflict resolution needed along the way to achieve balance and Jupiter’s excess and exaggerating tendencies could lead to heated conflicts and feuds. Irvin Yalom, American existential psychiatrist, recommends to ‘strike while the iron is cold’ when needing to have difficult conversations.

  • Libra is the sign ‘of the other’ and this is a time for embracing brotherhood and bestowing benevolence and generosity upon others.

  • Play fair. Justice in its many guises will feature and caution would be to personally act fairly and with integrity.

  • Jupiter's placement in the natal chart, can help clients explore where we are likely to be let down in life by our expectations - is what you expect from others fair?

  • There’s no I in Team. Accept that you can’t always go it alone! Libra is a social sign and growth may mean to work with others in some shape or form….

  • Law. Legally you may experience Jupiter’s lucky trait but if in a legal wrangle, remember 'play fair'.

  • Review your own personal history and learn from it. Jupiter was last in Libra September 2004 to October 2005.

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Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19

Written by Elizabeth Hills

Halesworth, Suffolk, IP19

Elizabeth Hills is a person centred counsellor and astrologer. In astrological therapy, she weaves together counselling and astrology, and assimilates the client's natal chart in sessions.

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