Reducing Stress: "a stranger can't help me."

When I first experienced counselling myself - I went in with the attitude "a stranger can't help me." I soon realised how wrong I was and that someone impartial can help by trying to be empathetic to your situation.

People today are under a lot of stress because there are so many responsibilities and so much choice, so one feeds the other.
Anything can cause stress and what is stressful to one person, may be a breeze to someone else.

Stress can impact on you and on others and visa versa. Like a ripple affect, we may pass it on or, it may be passed to us. Some people are very aware when they are becoming stressed and they will do something about it, like ask for help. Others may not realise they feel this so may feel very isolated. The best judge is your self. If you feel different from usual, or your emotions are more overpowering, then it may be time to do something about it.

Get some support. Whether this be counselling or just talking to someone. We tend to just get on with it and we don't have to - there is help around. If you can, reduce the cause of the stress - such as talking with a professional about finances, or speaking with a colleague at work or call a counsellor. We all suffer from stress from time to time.

If you are in employment and you have a human resources department you might see what they can do via the occupational health. Use the BACP website to look for a counsellor in your local area or a counselling agency which may offer more options. If you recognise when you feel stressed, then naming it is a good idea such as "Oh no, I'm feeling really tearful and I've got so much going on again." Acknowledging this to yourself first, is a good step. If you really can't do this, then seek help where you can work together on the issue.

Stop and breathe. THINK: Do you have to finish that task right at this very moment? What is the worse thing that would happen if you didn't? Put things into perspective and step away from the problem. If your stress is making you lose your temper for instance then go for a walk, do some exercise. Don't stay in the problem as it doesn't help. Of course, I recognise that this is easier said than done, when you are actually in it. However, it's not impossible and you can try - it may help!

If you are unsure, feeling in any way different from your normal self (you'll know what that is) then see the GP. Often, they may even offer you counselling or advise you of a recommended source.

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Written by Linda Helm-Manley BACP (Accred) UKCP

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Written by Linda Helm-Manley BACP (Accred) UKCP

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