Provision of safety is the forum to healing

The provision of safety is the forum for healing - Safety is the treatment. When we enter that state, our autonomic nervous system is a non-judgemental agenda-less state of just attending to ourselves and others. This is not something which comes naturally to us. We are then able to communicate to others around us that this is a safe place. Providing true safety and true listening. If I have an agenda, no matter how good my motivation, I am not offering that mode of safety which is needed right now. It is so easy to go to a place of solution when someone is in a place of need. Having the grace of taking a person just as they are offers a sense of goodness just the way the person is. To lead with our own sense of intervention is to abandon our offer of healing and replace it with our own sense of helping, with the need to fix you. What then happens in your system is a feeling of tightening, of wanting to push away, of just wanting to be heard. Then a feeling of being hurt and frightened and the experience becomes another trauma instead of a healing. Receiving that person in that moment just the way they are is the healing. Always checking with them to see if what is present is what is being felt by the person.  

Trust in this inner wisdom and know that others may trust in you eventually when there is consistency in the relationship. 33% is the figure required so that we can feel a connection with another. The rest is repairing. This builds over time. By staying in a humble place we model something life-giving for those around us. We know that the embodied part of our body, the memory when it comes back to conscious awareness that makes us feel like it is happening right now. When an implicit memory awakens, it shows up as a felt sense in the body. Our systems can be taken over by these memories. When it returns is a memory of the trauma within us. Scientific evidence of this implicit memory can change when two conditions are met. Creating safety and this process of addressing the complex trauma. The embodiment of what was needed at the time of the trauma is a shift then from 'I am alone' to 'we are in this together'. Until this memory is made, I am alone with this memory that stays within the body. Not only will the person internalise our presence but the experience of this safe person is now here with me. There are so many different shades of response. Over time it is possible to consolidate this memory and a new quality given by this other person. Even if they are then activated, in the future, this powerful and effective process has made a new body memory, creating new neuro links within the body. Just staying with, safely.

Below are some details of the next course I am running in St Austell bay, Cornwall.

The formula to freedom, a 12 step process in acknowledging, accepting, dissolving and creating is a course based upon healing and creating new ways of being through the wisdom of the body.

This course is a six session certifiable course which takes place on one day each month and is based upon the foundations of what connects us with ourselves and with others. The focus is on clearing resistance in the body through various techniques and learning new ways for our body intelligence to form more permanent resilience.

Sound therapy, visualisations, meditation and pair work as well as 1:1 with myself in a held safe place where everyone is heard promotes an environment where healing may take place. At the end of each session, you will have a personal visualisation which is embedded through sound therapy with the gong. This healing instrument is known scientifically for calming the mind and body and therefore aids the receptivity of the brain in reprogramming what it focuses on through creating new neuro pathways.

The creative part of the brain is re-opened, new positive neuro-links with the body is made and more permanent resilience is built.

The subjects we will be looking at without judgement are as follows:

1. The realisation of what it means to connect with self and others.
2. Our vibrational frequency. 
3. Taking action.
4. How we change our physical world.
5. What the visible effects of our daily actions are and what we want to change.
6. How we may change our actions and therefore see the beauty in the world around us. 
7. Negative thoughts and how we manage them.
8. Transmuting stuck energy.
9. How we receive what life gives us and how to make positive change.
10. What opposites mean in ourselves.
11. Seasons, cycles and patterns of behaviour.
12. The co-creation and acceptance of the masculine and feminine within.

I have a space free on the Saturday course and two left on the Monday course.

Saturday dates and times:

  • 29th September 
  • 27th October 
  • 24th November 
  • 26th January 
  • 23rd February 
  • 30th March 

Monday dates and times:

  • 1st October 
  • 5th November
  • 3rd December 
  • 14th January 
  • 4th February 
  • 4th March 

Friday sessions are now fully booked. Do let me know should you have any questions.

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Written by Marie-Louise Rolfe

St Austell PL25 & London EC3N

I walk with others on their journey to enable them to live a grounded and uplifted life, in whichever form this may be for the individual. From grief to joy, from low self-esteem to self-confidence, from anxiety to excitement, from challenging to wholesome relationship with self and others.

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