Post traumatic stress disorder

PTSD can affect many people, not just soldiers and those in the front line who are regularly exposed to violent situations. It is an affliction closely linked to phobias and elicits a very similar response to a phobic reaction in those who suffer from it. 

In one case I encountered recently, the sufferer had experienced a serious sexual assault some 20 years ago which had always affected her. She was extremely sensitive to anyone standing too close or brushing against her in the office and also found it difficult to watch certain scenes on TV or at the cinema which brought back memories of her own experience. Very recently the post-traumatic stress memories and flashbacks to the assault had become much more troubling and these unwanted and intrusive memories caused her to resort to hard drugs and to involve herself in a highly charged sexual affair which is put her happy marriage and family life at risk.

There is a simple technique – the Rewind technique or Fast Phobia Cure – which is also used in the treatment of phobias. It can quickly and simply reprocess these unwanted and intrusive memories and move them safely to the ‘back’ of the brain where they can be accessed and referred to if necessary, but no longer have the power to intrude on day to day life.

The technique has more than one proponent. It is taught by Uncommon Knowledge as a three stage process and by Dr David Muss as a one off treatment. In both cases the severity of the problem is evaluated before and after the session and both approaches to treatment are effective. The great benefit of the technique in both forms is that the sufferer does not have to relive the experience, thus becoming re-traumatised, but can review it in a dissociated state. 

For any one suffering from any form of PTSD or a phobia, it is well worth exploring these techniques with an experienced practitioner who will keep you safe whilst helping you to make a good recovery.   

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Horsell, Surrey, GU21

Written by Jose Penrose

Horsell, Surrey, GU21

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and counsellor working with clients on a wide range of issues. Hypnotherapy is a gentle and effective treatment which, through directly accessing the unconscious through a state of deep relaxation, does not involved clients going over and over past events and being re-traumatised in the process.

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