Permanent Weight Loss: Stop Emotional Eating?

Have you been on lots of different diets, lost weight and then put it all back on again plus more?

Do you reach for food when you aren’t really hungry but can’t identify what you need?

Sometimes signals get crossed and many people confuse emotional needs with physical ones and this results in emotional eating. In fact experts estimate that 75% of overeating is caused by emotions.
At some stage your brain has learnt that food can bring you comfort and stave off the emotional problem, so instead of looking at what is causing the emotion e.g feeling angry, overtired, depressed, anxious or stressed or accepting the emotion and working through it you reach for food, which for a short while satisfies the uncomfortable feeling. Unfortunately long term this can become a habit which results in weight gain and stops you from learning new coping skills that could effectively help you to deal with the emotions instead of just masking them for a short while.

This in turn can result in poor self esteem and loss of confidence which in turn results in you reaching for food to stop these emotions. What can you do to stop this vicious circle?

Start by keeping as food/ emotions diary this should help you spot triggers. Then with the help of a counsellor or hypnotherapist you can further uncover and learn to identify what triggers the overeating, break the habit and substitute better skills to deal with these triggers when they crop up in a more productive way. This results in improved self esteem, permanent weight loss and higher confidence.

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