New Year - time for a review!

New Year begins and you're in therapy - you have been for a while. As you start the New Year, I would highly recommend a review. It's a great time to ask your counsellor to review your therapy. This is a process you could do together and might invigorate both of you. 

Sometimes in therapy, it can feel like you're stuck, repeating the same things over and over again. You go through things which have impacted on you, but feel you're stuck in that moment with seemingly no way out. There are two trains of thought with this - one, it's a great feeling having someone hear your story over and over again. It might be something you have told no-one and just having someone hear it, without commenting or judging, can be so empowering. Also, being with a counsellor who recognises the 'stuckness' of being in the same moment can be different - what is it like to have someone sit with you while you're stuck, instead of the 'usual' entreaties to move on, to change and try something different. 

The second thought is - would it assist you if your counsellor recognises you're stuck, talk about this, and offer you a review? This might highlight how far you have progressed, and also could highlight what doesn't work for you as well as what does. What would it be like for you to say to your counsellor "this particular thing you do really doesn't help, it leads me to feel...". I believe this process would allow you to either create a stronger working relationship with your counsellor or notice maybe this particular therapeutic relationship isn't working, and maybe it's time to move onto a different counsellor or have a break from therapy before returning.

It's good practice when you're in long term counselling to request a review, I believe it will enhance your experience. You will be progressing even though you feel you're not and to have your counsellor show you how much is powerful. Very often, clients struggle to be aware of the small steps of progress, seemingly simple things like attending every session - this is a huge success - just walking through the door into the therapy space takes courage and determination, and when you do that every week, it's amazing. Therefore, maybe another consideration in this New Year, notice you've stuck with the process, and you're still here. 

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Norwich, Norfolk, NR1

Written by Jayne Booth

Norwich, Norfolk, NR1

I am a UKCP registered member, with a BSc (Hons) in Integrative Counselling. I have a private practice in Norwich. I am experienced and work with a vast range of issues, but particularly trauma including domestic abuse and child abuse. I also work with clients on the Autistic Spectrum including Asperger's Syndrome.

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