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Mind sonar™

  • Would it be useful to get to the heart of your thinking?
  • Would you like to know how you or other people tick?
  • Would you like to understand how to gain better rapport with people and even enhance motivation?
  • Would it be useful to be able to improve communication in groups whatever the context eg. business, sport and other?
  • Would it be useful to help people understand why in some situations they flourish and in others they get stuck, resolve conflicts and clarify training goals?

These are just some of the reasons why a client would want to choose mind sonar™.

What mind sonar is (meta profile analysis worldwide)

Mind sonar™ is a new kind of psychological measurement. It is used by many people worldwide such as counsellors, psychotherapist, trainers, life coaches, sports coaches, HR professionals and consultants, as it helps personal development in individual clients, and organisations with understanding how people think.

Mind sonar is the equivalent of an x-ray machine for human thinking and is an extremely useful tool for the therapist to assist the client in in counselling and life coaching.

Mind sonar™ is a unique psychological tool that measures how you think as opposed to who you are. It is not a personality tool which ‘fits people into boxes’. It uses ‘graves drives’ (values/motivation) and meta programs (the building blocks of how a person thinks). In turn, this determines how they feel, what they ignore and how they behave, and is a very useful tool for the therapist to use alongside other skills.

Mind sonar™, unlike any other psychological tool, is contextual, and helps the client understand how he/she thinks in a specific situation. Therefore, the major difference is that it takes into account that you think differently when you are in different situations.

The practical element of mind sonar™

Mind sonar™ is a psychological tool completed online by the many clients all over the world, ranging from Poland to Paraguay. From the answers to the questions provided the client receives a detailed print out including a graph to illustrate meta programs and graves drives. Counselling and life coaching is then completed based on the profile. 

However, mind sonar™ can only be interpreted by a qualified mind sonar™ professional. For example, clients who have received therapy after utilising this unique measurement tool have learnt to understand how they get stressed and anxious. As a result, the therapist/coach has enabled the client to develop different and more helpful thinking patterns and strategies.

Check the mind sonar™ registry link:


Dr. Julie Bradshaw

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Loughborough LE11 & Blackpool FY1
Written by Dr Julie Bradshaw MBE, MBACP (Accred); Psychotherapy All Age Groups & Supervisor
Loughborough LE11 & Blackpool FY1

I am a qualified teacher, life coach, sports coach, NLP coach and psychotherapist (BACP Accredited) who has successfully been enabling clients for over 18 years and who have presented with many issues.

I run two therapy practices, Blackpool and Loughborough. I really enjoy my therapeutic work inspiring/motivating people to be the best they can.

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