Mind and body are entwined

The science and research into neuroplasticity are developing every day further, ample studies demonstrate the link between thoughts, feelings and emotions and the role they play in physical well-being, potentially extending to reversing effects of disease and trauma.

The brain has ability to recover from stress and trauma, learn new things and overcome nurtured beliefs of and social conditioning, although its limits are yet unknown, however, it also shows how vulnerable and sensitive we can be, not only perceptive to those external influences such as relationships or deadlines, but also to our own internal self-talks and the message we choose to believe.  

Our minds can control the how the body reacts to those primarily messages determined by your internal environment, which in turns define your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions. 

By looking after your health conditions or illnesses, you can empower yourself to manage the condition and to heal by re-programming your core beliefs.

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