Masks cover treasures we often aren’t even aware of

Do you wear masks in life? You may not think so but then again...

Most of us have compromised ourselves in some way, to hide or “fit in”. Be acceptable to someone, somewhere. And often we don’t realise how subtle that can be, we don’t even realise it happening!

For the past few years I had grown my hair long and it felt amazing, after being very short for most of my adult life. And then more recently I began to feel too hot, experiencing headaches due to wearing my hair up. I recall having my hair cut short in the “basin style” as a little girl (prescribed by the local GP because it gave me headaches!) and I hated having it cut. It took a while to forgive my Mother, and I guess we have all had “that” cut.

So, the decision came again but this time by me and I had my long curls cut short again. But oh my goodness what a relief it felt, no more headaches and what a find beneath! I saw the grey which I wasn’t ready to deal with in my forties, hence the highlights and colouring (or was it to please whoever I was dating). But now I also find my hair is almost black in part.

I had stopped colouring my hair about six to 12 months ago to allow it to grow out naturally. And I have felt such excitement to see what was emerging, see the natural and not wear an “acceptable for others” colour, but simply be me. Having not worn cosmetics for years I felt this was my final physical (emotional) mask to remove.

I feel as if I have come full circle, as my hair was jet black when I was born. What I would have given to see my hair that colour before now... and yet here I had denied it because of fear, fear of being so grey already in my early forties and that not being “OK” and looking “old”.

What of you is being hidden that you know nothing about?

The colour I really liked in my hair was there all along, I was so intent on covering the “unacceptable” that I denied myself that pleasure for many years. If I had stopped colouring in my thirties, I may have experienced something completely natural which I might have enjoyed before it began turning grey "acceptably" to me!.

How often do we have a want for something, without seeing what is right here all along. Or making changes to please others / society at a personal cost?

I hope you find this interesting and of value, I would love to think that it inspired you in some way. Let me know, it would be fabulous to hear from you!

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Brixham, Devon, TQ5
Written by Janet Astle, Counselling, Psychotherapy & Supervision Member NCS (Accred)
Brixham, Devon, TQ5

Janet has a private practice where she offers an emotional well-being coaching, counselling and consultancy. It has been her great pleasure to support others, having received amazing support personally throughout her own training and personal development. She continues to work into self-inquiry, ensuring self-nurture, awareness and growth.

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