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Anxiety is the most searched for problem when people are looking for therapy and not surprisingly the search for help with relationship issues comes a close second. When you find it difficult to relax, tensions and anger build up, affecting relationships at home and at work.

Human Givens Therapy (HGT) clarifies the causes of your stress and from the first session you will be shown how to relax physiologically and psychologically. If necessary the rewind technique can deal with past traumas, which are often the cause of long term anxiety. Most people are helped after four to six sessions and usually start to feel better after the first session.

Anxiety can be a normal reaction to a difficult problem and if faced and dealt with, there are no after effects. However, if it becomes a chronic ongoing feeling which you may not even recognise initially, it can cause physical reactions such as IBS, headaches, poor sleep patterns and high blood pressure.

Many anxious people appear very calm and controlled but eventually there will be physical or psychological consequences.

Some people are born with a tendency to worry and others become anxious due to the general pressures of modern life and/or a specific difficult life event. Whatever the reason, HGT can relieve the effects of stress/anxiety as you learn how to get your emotional needs met and achieve a more relaxed way of being, so you can take control and have more time and energy for family and friends.

Therapy can be a liberating journey of self discovery as you learn how to manage emotions and see others’ point of view more clearly. Connection with other people is what gives life meaning and the more you know yourself, the more you can understand and connect with others. Although social media has great advantages it has led to possible contact with the whole world and hundreds of ‘friends’ online but less and less real connection, and many people feeling ‘everyone out there is having a great time except me’. This is not a healthy way to live and experts are now advising that time spent on social media should be restricted. Work time tends to merge into home time so parents can feel disconnected from their children and each other.

‘Flow’ is when we are totally absorbed in a relaxing absorbing activity we enjoy. We need this time off from the demands of everyday life, so our creative brain can develop and thrive. As you start to feel better, there will be more time to find out what gives you this feeling and you can move from anxiety to creativity and reach your full potential.

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All therapists are verified professionals

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