Look ahead with counselling

The stereotype of counselling is often 'looking back at problems' which is true but only so that the client can resolve the issues, remove the barriers and make better, informed choices for their future! For a better personal future and a lifetime of benefits that come with making positive changes in your life.

Looking back is not necessarily dwelling on the past, only looking to find the underlying event or situation that created the long-standing barriers that hold you back.

You might not even be aware (a) you are being held back or (b) what the reason is.

There are, in counselling sessions, lightbulb moments of clarity about what the issue was or is; it might be something seemingly inconsequential at the time, but it hit your trigger and your defences came up forever. Until now. Until you choose to take action and find the culprit, find the threat and resolve it once and for all!

Then you move on with your life. Then you can overcome any residue feelings and self-esteem damage that the event or situation created for you. You may never forget the cause, but it will certainly have less effect on you once you know about it.

Talking really does help, sharing the burden and saying it out loud makes it real and therefore manageable. If you don’t acknowledge a problem exists, how can you find the solution? Counselling can be seen as passive (far from it!), and unnecessary (it's always therapeutic to open up and look inside - something from the experiences of the past will lie there somewhere, and influence you for better or worse).

The more you know, the more personal power you exert in your life! The less you know and the more you hide from problems that influence your feelings, behaviours and expectations - then the more personal power you give away!

Open up, wake up, see reality and resolve to make changes that can only benefit you today - and tomorrow, and every day from then on! Rather than sitting with it, holding on to it, when it's only hurting you more, why not let it go, open up and let in some light to the deep, dark places at your core?

Be brave! Be resilient! Be active and take control of your situation here and now and for the future, for you and for yours.

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All therapists are verified professionals