Live a more balanced life: six do’s and don’ts

We all know the struggle: working all day, squeezing in fitness, trying to make appearances at social events. All while caring for loved ones, balancing finances, and taking care of daily chores. We become stressed out, overwhelmed, and completely exhausted before the day’s end. We collapse into bed, our heads hitting the pillow, thinking, “There must be a way to live a more balanced life?”

I don’t have time for balance, I’m working!

Are you working towards a promotion? Striving to hit a fitness goal or personal milestone? On the way to achieving our goals, we are faced with life’s chaoses that can discourage our efforts to get balanced. We think, “One day I’ll be where I want to be in life. Then I’ll relax.”

The reality, however, is that an unbalanced life actually prevents us from our reaching goals. The extra strain on our mental, physical, and emotional health affects our interpersonal relationships, work productivity and perception of ourselves.

If you feel drained and want to feel good about yourself once more, understanding the do’s and don’ts of a more balanced life is a must!

Six do’s and don’t to live a more balanced life

Don’t: say yes to everything

We want to be good to our friends and family while still serving as a team player at work. However, when we say yes to everyone else’s needs, we forget our own. Know when your plate is full and exercise the power of saying no. Over committing yourself to too many activities will most likely lead to something slipping through the cracks. And then no one will be happy.

Do: evaluate your priorities

We cannot expect to live a more balanced life if we assign every task the same time and energy. When we do this, we exhaust ourselves and find less enjoyment in the things we do. Sit down and list all of the tasks you have for each day. Then rank them in terms of importance. If something is of negative value, low on the list, or unnecessary, ditch it.

This practice will prevent you from overfilling your plate and ensure that you are only engaging in activities that are beneficial to you.

Don’t: exert yourself too much

Pushing yourself to accomplish new goals is great! But when we place too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect or accomplish everything at once, we find that disappointment is on the horizon. Instead of asking yourself, “What more should I be doing,” admire all you have accomplished and congratulate yourself on your effort!

Do: participate in self-care

When life gets busy, the first thing to go out the window is our health. However, when our health declines so too do our mental and emotional stamina, two key components for combating stress. Getting a full eight hours of sleep, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are all important self-care components to a happy life.

Don’t: forget to disconnect

Most of us bounce between laptop, smartphone, and other technologies all day long. The problem with a high-tech life is that we forget to take time for self-reflection and real-world social engagement. Make sure that you give yourself a solid hour of disconnection from all electronic devices. Instead, connect with the present and unwind your mind. Tech-free time can act as moments of appreciation for everything that is right in front of you!

Do: make time for the things you love

Getting ahead in life can sometimes mean putting the things we love on the back-burner. However, indulging in the things we enjoy raises our spirits and motivates us to push through the less-than-fun tasks in our days. Make room for the small things like iced coffee while you shop for groceries, or a favourite television show episode at night to treat yourself for all the hard work you put forth during the day!

To live a more balanced life is to find time for the things that benefit you and limit the things that don’t. Sit down and evaluate your daily actives to discover how to bring more balance to your life.

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