Life is difficult

Life is difficult. Unfortunately society isn't set up for difficulties. Everything is fast paced and 'quick fix', leaving no time to stop, reflect and mend.

Many people are using 'crutches' such as anti depressants, alcohol, drugs or sex to mask their unhappiness. Anti depressants are often referred to as happy pills but what will make us happy? Is it in a bottle? Or more importantly, what is causing our unhappiness?

Crutches in the short term enable us to avoid or distract away from the problem. In the long term they make us dependant and ill. If we had a broken leg we could justify the use of a crutch, but emotional problems? Lots of people don't know what to do when we suffer heartache, loss, depression, family issues or anxiety, and it's not something we like to talk about. There is no A&E for emotions.

But, counselling can really make a difference to your life. The first step is admitting to yourself that you have a problem. The second is making contact with a professional therapist who can help you through that challenging time. 

You meet with your Counsellor for an initial appointment so that you and him/her can identify areas that need to be looked at and worked through. They are there to help you in a professional, non judgemental way. They will advise you how many sessions you may need and you normally meet once a week. 

The Counsellor will help you fix your own feelings by giving you the time and space to do so. There is no quick fix to problems. Just like a break needs time to mend, so does a past or present emotional hurt.

Be kind to yourself and experience good, quality therapy. It really can be a life changer for the best.

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