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If you visualise yourself being in a counselling session, you probably imagine sitting in a room or office whilst a counsellor sits opposite you, nodding and taking notes whilst you speak. But don't think this is your only option. If you enjoy being outside and walking then perhaps you would like to consider outdoor counselling.

Outdoor counselling is when the sessions take place outside, with nature, in the fresh air. They can take place in local parks, or even in the street if you don't live near any public parks. Outdoor counselling is a fantastic way to help you move forward with your life and overcome anything that may be holding you back at this moment in time. By walking you are physically moving forwards; this helps your mind to look forward and move forward too. At the end of a session of outdoor counselling you can feel physically and mentally refreshed.

The pace of walking will always be set by you, so it won't be strenuous, because after all you still need to be able to hold a conversation with your counsellor. There are also lots of benches and places to rest in parks, so you can always stop to take a break or to reflect if you need to.

Outdoor counselling is as effective and can help with the same issues as traditional counselling in a building. It offers an extra perspective and a fresh take and can make some clients feel more relaxed and at ease. It can be particularly useful if you spend most of your working life sitting in an office. Having an hour or so where you are free to talk about the issues important to you in a natural environment can be very therapeutic.

If you are interested in outdoor counselling, why not search for 'outdoor counselling' using Counselling Directory to find a qualified counsellor in your local area who offers this type of session.

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