Just human

I am doing my best and sometimes my best isn’t good enough – but I’m only human. The reflection in the mirror I normally hide from, however today I looked and saw, staring back at me, a human, just a human trying their best for today.

Sometimes I don’t cope too well and hide from the day, and other times I hide behind false smiles and laughter, however I can see that yesterday I struggled; nevertheless the hope for today to be a better day is always there. I have over the years recognised that as humans we have hope, and that can be a very powerful motivator.

I’ve made choices in my life, some good, some not so good, however I am human, just a human, trying their best, going through life sometimes with a map, even a plan; sometimes no map or plan, just the hope of just being human.

There isn’t a book, map, or even step by step guide to being a human. If someone has taken the book from the library, can they return it - it’s overdue. For those who are of an age where Google is the fountain of all knowledge, there isn’t a reliable app, download or resource on how to be just human.

So here is my guide to being human:

  • Claim your bad days, because they remind you that you’re just human.
  • Celebrate your good days, because they remind you that you’re just human.
  • You’re doing your best for today, and that’s enough. Well done.

Hope’s for today:

I hope that today is a good day. I hope that the bad day will pass quickly. I hope that you will be kind to yourself, and allow that to sit comfortably with you as that can be really difficult at times. I hope that as parents, we’re doing a good job. I hope that the job you’re doing is done well. The list is endless, however it is full of hope.

My hope for those who are reading this:

  • I hope you are having a day that you can manage, good day or bad; just remember to claim it and make it yours.
  • I hope that you know you’re loved so very much and you appreciate yourself for getting up today. 

Well done, you’re just human.

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Pasiley, PA3

Written by Tracy Clark

Pasiley, PA3

This piece for me is about accepting myself for being a Humn and trying my best, good days and bad. So my mantra is "name it and claim it", take charge of whats going on in that day for me.

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