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BBC Radio 4 are currently running a series of two programes ‘Mending Young Minds’ broadcasted on Friday 28th August and September 4th and available on iPlayer. In the first programme children with mental health issues were interviewed about their experience talking with psychotherapists at the Tavistock Centre in North London.

The programme stated that with mental health problems amongst children on the increase, describing how 'imagining a child with a disordered mind or one paralyzed by anxiety or gripped by suicidal thoughts is really alarming'. A recent Parliamentary Task Force reported a staggering one in 10 children has a mental health disorder - and this number is increasing.

It was further stated that currently only 6% of government spend on mental health is currently directed towards adolescent and childhood services, despite strong evidence that three quarters of adult mental are present before the age of eighteen. This statistic might resonate with you. 

Psychotherapy and counselling can help adult people of all ages who describe their loneliness in childhood and early teenage difficulties at home, school and with their peers. Many clients have themselves been diagnosed with depression as young teenagers, many older clients come from an age where it was not recognised that children and adolescents could have anxiety and depression. It is now known that having an early experience of depression can mean you have recurring depressions in adulthood. 

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