It's good to talk - how counselling can help

We all meet challenges and crises in life; many of us will manage these with the support of friends and family, but sometimes the problem is so entrenched, or the crisis so big, that the resources and support we have seems not sufficient to cope.

It is at these times that the experience, empathy and encouragement given by a counsellor can help us regain our perspective and enjoyment in life.

Sadly, for some, there is still stigma attached to the need to seek outside assistance, yet asking for what we need, particularly in times of distress, is not weakness but strength. A courageous acknowledgement that we are not coping, that we need more than our friends and/or family can give and that we are worthy of asking for and receiving the help we need.

Perhaps the difficulty lies in a recurring pattern of behaviour, preventing the development of close personal relationships, a growing awareness that something is missing in life, or the loss of a relationship or loved one, leaving you feeling life has lost its purpose and enjoyment.

Whatever the difficulty, and whether you believe it is too small to bother with or too big too handle... if it is stopping you enjoying life and getting what you want from it, then exploring it in counselling can help open new avenues and choices.

Talking to someone who has time just for you, who will always listen without judgement no matter what you bring, and who is empathic and respectful, can bring new awareness into the ways we think, feel and act. Everything you share is important and confidential, and will stay between you and your counsellor.

Yes, you are paying for their time and expertise, but as a therapist once said to me “you can buy my time, but you cannot buy my caring”.

And for me, that unconditional positive regard within the relationship, is the most significant factor in any form of counselling or therapy. Knowing that I am important to them, that they really care about me, and no matter how I am or what I bring, that doesn’t change.

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