Improving Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

A reminder of the importance of caring for the both the emotional mind and the energetic body in combating the rigours of daily life that often result in common emotional challenges such as depression, stress, anxiety and that general sense of not having any energy.

Professor Keith Laws1 examined a group of 100 university students reporting “as physical activity levels increased self-reported levels of anxiety and depression both significantly decreased.” Just Be agrees with Professor Laws that the emotional demands on students are even greater today than they ever were; but so they are on the students’ parents too. Do the parents get the same symptoms?

Having a physical fitness assessment, and making plans to tackle the motivational (and sometimes hidden emotional and behavioural) barriers to exercise will turn the fat to fit, fatigue to finesse and depression to deep dreaming sleep (the state in which emotional and physical health is promoted naturally) – serotonin is boosted so depression and anxiety are defeated.

Exercising the emotional mind is as important as exercising the physical body. Just Be has written previously on the importance of an emotional needs audit to match the physical needs assessment. It is our assertion that combining the two will lead to greater health, improved concentration and a greater ‘can do’ attitude. Just Be has worked with a number of young athletes and seen their performance improve in just this way.

1 See Keith Laws’ article here

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Written by Keith Abrahams

Calming stress and resolving conflcit are my fortes. My mission is resolving the upset that can cause, and I support organisations & individuals to over come with the full spectrum of mental and emotional health challenges.
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Written by Keith Abrahams

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