I Haven't Got Time!

Imagine going into work and saying to your employer:

• I haven’t got time to do that.
• I’m far too busy to attend the meeting.
• I'm too tired to do that report.
• I can’t waste time with that, I have other things to do.
• I know I said I’d be here till 5 but something has cropped up and I’m going to have to leave now.

I think most of us would agree that if we approached our work with this attitude we would certainly be jeopardising our jobs or at the very least, creating problems within the workplace.

So think about our home lives and how often we hear (or say) the following:

I haven’t got time to……..

• Have a regular evening out with my wife/husband.
• Spend a weekend away with my family.
• Play games with the children.
• Sit and talk with my partner over a leisurely meal.
• Cook and eat meals together as a couple/family.

Is it any wonder then that so many relationships flounder and/or children experience behavioural problems? At this point couples will often take stock and one of them may suggest counselling as a way of beginning to deal with the difficulties. It makes sense doesn’t it? After all, if we get toothache we consult the dentist, if we are ill we see our GP, and we even make sure a mechanic looks at our car if it develops a rattle. We know the problems won’t go away on their own and if we don’t get help they will usually get worse and end up in a much more serious condition.

So what happens when the response to the suggestion for counselling is:

“I’m far too busy to go for that – I don’t have time”?

If this is an indication of the value and priority given to the relationship is it surprising that so many couples part?

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Bristol, BS40
Written by Maire Campbell
Bristol, BS40

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