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How To Reduce Stress During Pregnancy & Childbirth

Being newly pregnant depicts vibrant health, joyousness and excited expectation.

However without wishing to unduly cause stress this is not often the case. Many pregnant women experience morning sickness, mood swings, anxiety about labour and fear caused by concerns about breast feeding.

Although normal stress has been shown to be healthy, excess stress has been proven by research published in the Lancet Medical Journal to cause problems not only in the mother but also as early as 17 weeks after conception in the unborn child.

Preparation using relaxation, overcoming anxiety, mentally rehearsing childbirth and allaying fears can all help to alleviate this stress.

Using self hypnosis: Imagine if…you could feel relaxed and enjoy your pregnancy.
Imagine that …you knew you how to reduce and manage pain.

Imagine that…you know you could free yourself from fears or anxiety

Imagine…feeling relaxed and feel calm, no matter what is going on around you

Hypnotherapy and counselling can be used to teach you the above methods and alleviate fears and anxieties.

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