How to get a sense of meaning and purpose

Neon sign that says this is the sign you have been looking forSometimes there is a feeling that life is not taking us in the direction that we planned, and there is a gap between what we hoped our life would be like, and the reality of it.

How do we regain a sense of meaning? There is no easy answer to this because each of us has to create our own sense of meaning and purpose. For some people it is about family, for others it is career, but it is a question that we can’t escape.

“I was working really hard to meet my career goals. I thought if I was successful I would feel better about myself, and this was where I focused all my energy. I’ve got there and there is a nagging sense of doubt. Is this it? I was trying so hard to get here I never asked myself if this was the life I wanted, and if I was enjoying it”.

Sometimes we can be so busy earning a living and getting through the week that we don’t stop to ask ourselves this question. What is it for, and who is it for? Sometimes unconsciously people can be looking for a sense of achievement or approval in order to change something about the way they feel about themselves.

Identifying What You Value Most

It can be useful to imagine that you are at your own funeral. What would you want people to say about you? Is the way you spend your life currently in line with this? Sometimes it is hard to work out for yourself what the barriers are to making the changes that you want. Talking it through with a therapist can be helpful.

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