How to be confident

Do you sometimes want to slink away, hold onto that glass to steady a shaking hand, cringe inwardly and wish you were more like ‘so and so’? We all need an extra boost of confidence at some stage, when you find yourself speeding up that’s a clue you are nervous and below are useful tips on ‘how to be confident’.

  • smile
  • expect success
  • consciously slow down your actions to your breathing
  • appear confident - dress appropriately
  • improve your posture
  • make eye contact - hold your gaze
  • have approachable body language, so roll back your shoulders, get out of your head and be in the now
  • think confidently, recognise your talents and list them
  • practise your confidence
  • talk to strangers, don’t over apologise
  • accept compliments gracefully
  • build confidence by helping others - they will then come to you for positivity
  • drop those you bring you down
  • see confidence as a process, not a single achievement
  • the only way out is through, you have to encounter experiences that force you to learn so take the risk. Failure is inevitable and doesn’t matter-get back up.

Psychosynthesis counselling aims to boost confidence by including the spiritual realm and optimistically focusing on potential and creativity rather than focusing on analysing our pathology.  

By recognising the link between our mind, body and feelings the first step is to increase our awareness of our true nature, the second step is to connect with our transpersonal (higher) self. By recognising and respecting each client's inner wisdom they find their own solutions and discover their own inner direction while being guided in a gentle, encouraging and holistic way. Clients discover they do actually have a choice at every moment of the day, new insights which lay hidden help a sense of purpose to unfold which in turn builds a sense of confidence and achievement.   

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Muswell Hill N10 & Central London SE1
Written by Mary Mcilroy, BACP Accredited (Anxiety specialist). Bupa listed 30060387
Muswell Hill N10 & Central London SE1

I am a registered counsellor with the BACP. The areas where I work are: London Bridge/The City of London and Muswell Hill/London N10. Although I help people mainly with issues of anxiety and depression, I cover many other areas.

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All therapists are verified professionals