How many times? Counselling and Counting

"How many times have I told you to stop talking in class?"

"How many steps to school do I take avoiding the lines of the paving stones?"

"How many times did my mother hit me because I answered back?"

"How many times do I cover up for my husband's drinking?"

"How many times do I try to persuade myself that I don't really have a problem with the empty bottles and the hangover each morning?"

"How many times do I check that I've locked the front door before I can leave the house?"

"How many times do I check that there are no spiders waiting for me as I shut the front door?"

"How many times do I say to myself, 'I'm going to tell someone' - and then be unable to pluck up the courage?"

If you are counting your problems, then a counsellor may be able to help. Sending an email or picking up the phone can be the first step in changing an unwanted habit. It takes very little time to take the first step but it also takes just a little bit of courage.

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All therapists are verified professionals