How counselling empowers you to overcome anxiety and depression

How did your life start? Do you know that those first few years have such an impact on whom we grow up to be? Yes, we are impacted by the treatment and environment we witness, receive and feel in the developing years from our main caregivers', parents, teachers, and others of influence. Until we accept these facts, they have the power to set us back in adult life suffering from anxiety and depression.


Did you often get criticised in childhood? The chances are you carry some form of self-limiting belief to this day. Did you have encouragers or did you get drowned out in the day to day life? Even worse, if you were born into dysfunction, you might have grown up without the opportunity for any real growth. After all, childhood is about wanting to be as free as we can be. If no one makes rules, there are no rules to be broken.

The downside to this is we can spend decades of adulthood in the wilderness in what is termed 'winging it'. Often, this brings about anxiety and depression. We might well live an existence of low self-esteem and go on to repeat the relationship patterns we experienced - after all, who has shown us anything different. So life goes on; the rough, the smooth, and the heartache.

But, let me stop you there. It is never too late to turn it around.

So, how do we measure self-esteem? The definition of self-esteem is belief and confidence in one’s ability and value. This is both in self and a role in society benefiting everyone.

This is a pretty broad explanation. So, I am going to drill down into not only what self-esteem means but the benefits, and how people can hold on to a level of self-worth in difficult times. Providing empowerment with the associated problems arising from this current time. That is where empowerment counselling can help.

How can counselling help?

"Counselling?" I hear you say. Isn't that for people who have mental health problems? Yes, but it is so much more than just that. If you found yourself in difficulties as a child, counselling can empower you both with the mindset and the tools to build a more rewarding life both for yourself and your family.

Today, people are under more stress than ever before. People are struggling to maintain a level of self-esteem. Empowerment counselling offers the opportunity to overcome low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem issues.

The framework of empowerment is built on these points:

  • Belief: the feeling of being certain about something.
  • Confidence: being sure of your abilities, skills, talents.
  • Ability: the physical and/or mental skill you need to do something.
  • Value: knowing your importance in the world.

When we have belief in our power to change, we develop resilience and motivation. Resilience and motivation are required to endure difficult times and maintain the determination to succeed repacing anxiety and depression with confidence.

Confidence is knowing our skills and talents and how to employ them to provide us with opportunities we may not have yet thought about. Confidence also provides the base to become fully functioning and work from our abilities.

Ability is knowing our strengths or weaknesses the opportunities that present themselves and the threats things that put us in a weaker position of value.

Value is the glue that holds it all together. When we feel valued, we feel encouraged to hold self-belief. This promotes a sense of confidence in our future. Therefore, we find the ability to acquire the things we need to succeed.

It is within your power to turn your future around. The first step is finding the courage to talk about how you truly feel. I know this can be challenging and daunting. It is a brave person who is prepared to examine themselves. Remember, a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Are you ready?

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Written by David Pender, MBACP, Integrative Psychotherapy | Anxiety Specialist
London W6 & E14

My professional development in London has trained me how to support you in most challenges you are likely to face. I gained valuable experience working in divorce and bereavement counselling in London dealing with various aspects of personal relationships. My experience also includes experience working as a facilitator in London based addiction.

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