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Historic sexual abuse - yes counselling can help

Many adults are suffering today from sexual abuse which took place many years ago, sometimes tens of years ago. You may be one of them, you may never have told anybody what happened to you all those years ago. Some people put it into that place in the back of their head and pretend it never happened, others are not able to do that and it affects them in their everyday life. Some people are able to cope and get on with their lives others turn to other ways to help themselves to forget. They may throw themselves into their work, or caring for family, some turn to alcohol or substance misuse.

You may find that these feeling have lay dormant for many years and suddenly they have surfaced and you don't know how to deal with them. You may feel that you want to face the past, lay it to rest or you may want to make the person or persons responsible take responsibility for what they did to you and possibly others. Whatever your reason counselling and psychotherapy can help. The therapist may remain the only person you speak to about it and as it is historic abuse and no one is being harmed at this time, it will remain, if you wish it be, confidential. 

Many victims of sexual abuse feel they could have done something to stop it, during therapy they will come to realise they had no choice in what was happening to them and the adult or adults were fully to blame. Many abusers groom or use fear to control their vulnerable victims and again it is often only in adulthood that victims are able to see this. Often it is more than one child affected in a family but because of the fear or vulnerability of the situation people don't talk to each other about it. Only in later life may it come to light that several people in the same family or location were abused by the same person or people. You don't have to suffer any more, there are experienced, empathic therapists out there to help you to pick yourself up and move on. 

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