Gap Year

Ok, so what happened to 2011? One moment I’m practicing writing the correct year, it seems only a moment later I’m sending Christmas Cards and wishing people “A Happy New Year.” Now I’m well into February and March is approaching at speed even if there is an extra day for the Leap Year. I don’t think I’m alone as I hear others reflect that life is speeding up. I am applying the metaphorical brakes as I endeavor to sit right here, right now, being present in this moment.

It’s really not helpful to live life at full speed, in an apparent race against the illusory concept of time. We really do for our well being, need to stop and smell the roses. Some will laugh and say, “More likely wake up and smell the coffee, this is how it is deal with it.” Is it really how it is? Are we really more effective as we cram task after task into our day, without thought, without reflection? Are our relationships more meaningful as we pass as ships in the night caught up in the whirlwind lifestyle of doing rather than being?  “More, more, more,” seems to be the cry.

We are not Robots that can simply refuel and continue unabated with our allocated tasks. We are unique sentient beings that thrive not only on stimulus but on tranquillity. We grow and prosper by peaceful reflection, by allowing ourselves to muse, to be still and be calm. In today’s society this is more important than ever. We need to make time to be ourselves to pause, to stop and for moments to just be. If we do not then we risk losing so much, it is our choice.

Contemplation for the Month

Make time to be still, to be quiet, find something beautiful in the moment. 

Guided Visualizations and Meditations can be helpful for the overactive mind. 

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Written by Jane Kershaw

Bristol BS9 & BS14

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