Fundemental life questions and counselling

Have you ever found yourself asking some of the fundamental questions in life:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Is there a divine plan?

I am not alone then. My belief is not relevant here, because personal belief and answers to this question are individual. These are questions that can be heard, not always directly, in religious institutions, schools, colleges, universities, workplaces, pubs, social clubs, talking on the street, on television even The Simpsons. 

At some point in everyone’s life these questions will be pondered on. Is this you right now?

Counselling is in its essence a way to explore yourself, your life. It may be certain issues or problems your facing and the fundamental questions may only be briefly considered, but they are usually still there. It may be that you wish to explore your whole life incorporating the above fundamental questions.

Certainly there is an argument to say people should discuss such matters with the leaders of religion. However what if in your search you don’t want to look at religion or you have dismissed religion. The spiritual side is not just something people have if they follow a religion, their spirituality may have little or no religious significance.

Counselling is one way in assisting you in exploring some of the fundamental questions you may be facing in life. It may enable you to have a greater understanding of your spiritual side which may or may not be linked to a religious belief.

Many counsellors are happy and comfortable in assisting you in exploring what your spiritual aspect, and how they affect your view of yourself and things that have happened in your life. 

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