How is it that even though we know what we should be doing, maybe have a ‘To Do List’ to complete and yet we wander off track? How many times a day do you check your e-mails, ‘just in case’, check out Face Book and Twitter and generally dilly dally around? Maybe you are more sophisticated in your procrastination, busying yourself with ‘important’ tasks that actually could be delegated to someone else leaving you free to complete those tasks that would actually get you somewhere.

Maybe completion of a task means an ending of something, a job, an enjoyable working relationship. Maybe completion of a task means a chance for a promotion, success, a big step forward in some way. Maybe it would bring attention to you, put you in the limelight whilst possibly casting others into shadow.

Many of us feel as uncomfortable outside of our comfort zone with a positive change as we do with a negative. We tell ourselves we want positive change yet so often we are the biggest saboteurs in our lives. Consciously and unconsciously we worry about the consequences of stepping up. Am I worthy, faking it, an imposter even? What about my friends and colleagues, will they still like me if I move forward in my life?

Action for the Month

Pick one task that you know you have been holding back on. What’s holding you back?

Give yourself one month to complete the task.

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Written by Jane Kershaw

Bristol BS9 & BS14

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