"Fix it before it is broke"

Everyone wants to be happy in a close, intimate relationship but so few people seem to be.

At the beginning of your relationship you spent nearly all your time together, you talked and laughed and couldn’t bear to be apart. Then life got in the way, “the daily round the common“ takes priority.

Often when children are added to the family, they come first and absorb a great deal of your time and energy. Less importance is given to your own relationship.

Gradually, you spend less and less time together. You laugh together less and squabble more. You find it more difficult to give each other the emotional support that you need. You start to feel lonely, isolated, anxious, stressed or even depressed.

This is the time to take action and seek counselling to explore all the painful issues between you and put things right before your relationship comes under pressure or starts breaking down. If it was good in the beginning, it can be great again whatever stage of life you are in.

“Fix it before it is broke”.

Take action now and make your life fabulous. You will feel relaxed, energetic and excited every day.

Having some counselling sessions now can put you on track for a rewarding life and happiness for the rest of your time together.

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Nr. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5
Written by Helen Springer
Nr. Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG5

During my 30 years counselling for Relate and in my private practice, I have helped hundreds of people to find solutions to long term problems, coping with urgent emotional issues and developing skills needed to successfully manage their lives.

Registered Relate Couple Counsellor
Registered MBACP

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