Five steps to help us heal

If you are ready to heal emotionally and or physically then I invite you to follow these five steps. If we are suffering from a physical ailment or pain it is our body trying to get our attention. When we push away or dismiss a negative emotion such as sadness, anger or fear it will show itself physically be it six weeks, months or years down the line. We can mindfully work through our pain and heal by incorporating these five steps:

1. Openness

When we give ourselves permission to being open to new experiences, new information, new holistic remedies or even to what our doctor is saying to us then we have started on the road to recovery. We are conditioned by our family scripts and our story, however, when embracing the possibilities of having an openness to life we gently experience that subtle sense of feeling empowered.

2. Willingness

Once we engage in the art of openness the next step is to be willing to embrace them if they resonate with us. Having the awareness and understanding that it is ok to experience willingness towards new things without feeling judged or criticised by others gives us the freedom to truly connect with our authentic self.

3. Forgiveness

Firstly we need to forgive ourselves for all those things we are hanging on to such as guilt, self blame, self loathing and any regrets. Self compassion is an important component when we are open and willing to forgive. Once we have forgiven ourselves we are then more able to forgive others. Now forgiveness isn't saying we condone the behaviour, it is all about saying we accept that it happened and we practice forgiveness towards everyone involved.

4. Let go

We can get so caught up with the dramas of the 'he said, she said' that we can take things personally, which causes us to suffer greatly. The pain we experience when we internalise hurtful words can be debilitating and stirs resentment and anger within. Can you think of a situation not the most difficult, one that you can look at with an openness and a willingness to forgive the person and now with a gentleness and wrapping yourself up in love and compassion gently breathe in and on the exhale release and let go. This takes practise however the benefits are tenfold to our mental well-being.

5. Gratitude

To complete the healing process we incorporate gratitude for everything we have and that we are right here right now. Once there is genuine gratitude for that we then witness the flow of all our desires, of pure health, well-being, love and joy of life. I am a real advocate for daily gratitude diaries or jars - they are so important to establish a robust practice and encourages self-love, self-compassion and mindful living that helps us heal our hurts and allows us to grow and blossom with ease and grace.

It's helpful to check in with our body daily, if things feel uncomfortable change it, if we can't change it, we can always change our attitude towards it. Once we complete the five steps with everything especially the more difficult areas of our lives we can then create change. It only takes forty days to ingrain a practice into our daily routine and if you choose to follow these steps you will notice a difference in your health and well-being.

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