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D-Day - Divorce Day UK can Couple Counselling help?

D-Day - Divorce Day UK can Couple Counselling help?

The 9th January has been named D-Day or Divorce Day. According to a report by insidedivorce.com the regional South West statistics show that Southwestern marriages have less sexual problems than anywhere else in the UK with 14.5 % citing this as a key problem compared with a national average of 22%. However fewer feel happier after their divorce. (28 % compared with 38 %) whilst 38% feel depressed compared with an average 25 % of the UK population.  The report goes onto say that Southwestern marriages are more likely to end when one of the parties fall out of love. One in four respondents cited this as the defining reason for ending their marriage. This compares with the rest of the UK where affairs, abuse and lack of sex are the main reasons. 

How can counselling help marital breakdown? 

Counsellors get an increase in calls at this time of year for couples counselling. A couple counsellor is impartial, they are able to help listen to both parties and help the communication process. Some people seek specific separation counselling. This usually follows the decision by one or both partners to end the relationship and find a way forwards. If you choose to go down this route then separation counselling can help you consider the practical aspects of separation, to talk through the impact of this on other family members and establish ways to make decisions in the future. A couple counsellor may want to see each party separately to start with to see if couple counselling is the best option for them.

Counselling can help each person to start to make sense of what is happening to them and allow space for change to take place enabling them to move forwards. Counselling can also help to offer perspective on the relationship which can be very difficult when you feel in the middle of things. 

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