Depression: from the client's perspective

Understanding the pain of a client living with depression


As counsellors and therapists, it’s important to understand as best we can to aid recovery, the thoughts and mindsets that plague our clients.

Written from a client’s perspective, this poem represents depression.

My pain

There is a cave deep inside my head
that floods my skull with hurt,
a mourning, but yet for nothing,
a reasonless pain that never wanes.
Every morning I wake.
Every night I collapse.
Time goes on,
no emotion but sorrow.
I live in my world of secrecy.
No one knows of my pain,
no one knows of my daily battles,
no one knows of the blade, or the blood,
no one knows of my way of relief,
the way I escape my prison.
Pain ends the pain:
for one minute I feel normal
as blood runs down my wrist,
when will it end?
I hate this life.
I want to scream.
I want to break free.
I want to tell someone,
but I can't
I just can't
they can't know.
Why am I so weak?
Why can't I get over this?
Why am I such a failure?
I hate myself.
Please make the pain go away.
I cannot think.
I cannot feel anything....
but pain.

Help is here

Seek support from a counsellor

If you’re struggling with depression or persistent low mood, please talk to someone as you are not alone and don’t have to suffer in silence. Help is here.

At counselling, you’ll receive supportive listening, fresh insight and direction. Take the step and change your life.

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All therapists are verified professionals