Creative Therapy to Help Connect with your Inner Child

When was the last time you had fun and were able to let go of feeling self conscious in order to have a good time?

If it has been a while it may be down to the fact that it’s difficult for you to connect to the child part of yourself, the part of you that is carefree and spontaneous, creative and fun loving. It may be because that part of you is wounded or damaged and hides away for fear of judgement or criticism.

If you watch children you will see that they are spontaneous, playful and are always using their imaginations to make play more fun and enjoyable. As adults we often lose this ability especially if these qualities were not encouraged by the adults around us, if we had strict parents or suffered from abuse or neglect. We can grow up feeling self conscious, guarded and fearful of letting ourselves go in order to have fun and often turn to substances or other behaviours which make it a lot easier. However this often comes with negative consequences such as hangovers and worse!

Through therapy I can offer you the chance to re-connect with the child part of yourself, which will dramatically improve your life.

Being able to connect with your inner child may be painful to start with as you may uncover past hurts and difficult feelings, however once you make that connection you will also find a deep well of creativity and the ability to have fun again. You will re-discover activities and interests that you had forgotten about and you will find the healing that takes place will change all aspects of your life for the better. You will be able to manage feelings rather than your feelings controlling you, your relationships will improve as you learn how to integrate your inner child with your inner adult.

This type of therapy is extremely powerful and effective and can be accessed by anyone who wants to improve their life and tap into their creativity. Creative therapeutic tools are used within therapy sessions in order to facilitate your connection to your child part such as:

  • Art
  • Objects
  • Story telling
  • Clay

These help you to make the connection to the young part of yourself very quickly and effectively and give you the opportunity to experience something different from simply spending the session talking. You will be surprised at how quickly you are able to access information about yourself that was previously unknown, helping you to become more self aware and resolve problematic issues.

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