Counter transference: dare to dream!

This was written in response to a discouraged client, when she was in a space where she was believing all the messages she perceived were true from within her family of origin. We call this the beliefs of the "graffiti wall".

The purpose of counselling is to enable the client to tell their story and put the record straight - write a new wall. "This is who I really am and what I'm capable of!"

"I can't!" say my clients,
"It's painful, it's hard".
"I’m stuck", "change is impossible",
"It's like climbing the Shard!".

I know I say, I’ve seen it before,
the point where you just want to close that door.
These feelings are real, oh the buttons they press!
Surely it's much better to avoid and suppress?

So they come, the obstacles many.
The tears, the cancellations,
the watching of telly.
But I press on, as I know...

That once we tackle that wall of graffiti,
we can re write the truth, see the potential,
write a new treaty.

I am good enough.
I can and I will,
as I acknowledge my past, my pain, until...

Those mistaken beliefs,
that have stolen my dreams like a night-cloaked thief,
start to change...

Then l move on and I move fast,
and say, "So long suckers!" to those ghosts of my past.

I can and I will.
I am good enough,
the pain will diminish and I’ll have the last laugh!

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Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23

Written by Kim Harries

Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23

Kim is an Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist. She has a private practice, working with individuals & couples and supervises counsellors. She runs TRING WELLBEING COMMUNITY- (practitioners work together to meet the needs of the local community). In her day job, she coaches people with mental health issues/disabilities back into paid employment.

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