Counselling - helping you to take control

Counselling is not like a drug, it will not simply take your problems away, it is not a magic wand.

Counselling is an opportunity to be really heard and understood. It enables you to gain a greater understanding of issues/problems you're experiencing. Enabling you to take control of your life.

I see the role as a counsellor to basically put themselves out of business with each individual client. Meaning by this to work with clients to be able to access the natural ability to within us all (that has become blocked due to issues/problems) to be able to become 'fully functional', and no longer needing the support of a counsellor.

This requires from the client a strong element of wanting to take control and being prepared to put the effort in. From the client a real sense of becoming a copilot, for a short time on the clients journey.

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All therapists are verified professionals