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Complex post traumatic stress disorder and core beliefs

Often, when we think of ‘trauma’ we tend to think in terms of catastrophic incidents, such as in war, accidents and rape. The ‘definition of trauma’ (Asha Clinton, LCSW, PhD, 2010) is when memories of past events in your life get triggered by present day situations, causing painful emotions and/or ‘physical symptoms/feelings'. This may be caused by specific, catastrophic events but more than we realise, difficult childhood experiences such as ongoing abuse, neglect, alcoholic parents and poor attachments traumatise the psyche and the body.

As children, we cannot make sense of the emotions that arise in the face of trauma(s), so we unconsciously find ways to protect ourselves and our emotions in order to cope with life: we may go on to develop problems such as OCD, dissociation and certainly negative beliefs about ourselves. By protecting ourselves from our emotions we sometimes find that either we distance ourselves from our surroundings/people by drifting off into a daydream or just switching off completely, so that we are completely unaware of our feelings and emotions (feeling numb), or certain situations trigger the painful memories and emotions. This can leave us feeling as if we are reliving the trauma all over again.

Our body’s neurological system connects our brain to our body; it was where all information is processed. 

Our mind and body are connected

When we have been traumatised, we have not been able to process the experience(s) so the emotions and memories get stored in our body and therefore we cannot always make sense of our thoughts and feelings.

Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

AIT is a trauma therapy which focuses on the energy centres in our bodies, where traumatic experiences and its connecting feelings and emotions are stored. This causes blockages and does not allow us to live a life free from the ensuing negative energy in our bodies. An AIT therapist works alongside you to clear the blockages and negative energy in your body without the fear of being re-traumatised.  AIT can clear CPTSD symptoms and negative core beliefs, all of which interfere with you being able to live the life that you want to live. It is safe and can lead to a quicker healing, even when your memories of trauma are blocked.

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Northolt (nr Sth Harrow), Middlesex, UB5

Written by Bernice Gorringe MA in Psychotherapy, BSc (Hons) Psychology, UKCP (accred)

Northolt (nr Sth Harrow), Middlesex, UB5

The majority of my training as a psychotherapist was done in NHS secondary care, working with complex mental health issues. Now, as a qualified integrative psychotherapist, I apply evidenced-based practice, working with internal psychological functioning with a relaxed, humanistic, relational approach.

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