Choose life!

How many times have you heard someone say, "I have no choice" about any given situation? This is how can feel when life throws a curveball and that feeling of no choice can leave us feeling hopeless and out of control of our own life.  

However, I disagree that we have no choice. In fact, I believe that we always have a choice about a range of things in our life, even if we feel controlled by some of the big things. Sometimes when we feel as though people or situations hold the power, it can really help to focus on the things in our life we can control, even if it's something small.

Sometimes I ask people to keep a record or journal of the things they can control and where they feel they have a choice. This might include a choice of meal, time to get up, what TV show to watch or something more significant like what job they choose to do, who they wish to be in a relationship with, which friends to be surrounded by. We can also choose what to think, say or believe - we don't always have to tell other people, in fact sometimes just believing in our own choices can make all the difference. Whether the choice is big or small, focusing on the choices we have can help us feel empowered to make more and more choices about how we wish to life our lives. Whose life is it anyway?

Who is the one person who is most affected by the choices you make?

You are!

Life is for living, not just for existing - so what do you choose today? 

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