Beating the September blues

Despite these last few days of sunshine, it's hard to escape the falling leaves and shortening days. For some, it might already starting to feel a little autumnal, at least on the inside. And for many, the beginning of the change of season signals a difficult period in the longer term - at the least an unsettledness, at the extreme a more entrenched depression.

There are a lot of reasons for this. As the end of summer approaches we might reflect: did we have the experiences we aspired to? Like the sun-filled escape to top up the tan and Vitamin D (more on that later)? On other levels around meaning and purpose, we get thrown back into “normal” life. We might ask: is my job satisfying? Is my relationship loving? Are my studies going in the right direction? My friendship group supportive and rich enough? Our bodies change too; changes in light levels can make a distinct change to metabolism and brain chemistry; shifts in our bodies daily rhythm has been shown to have a direct effect on brain chemistry and mood.

So what to do? There are practical things, such as making sure we take exercise, maintain a sleep schedule and be sure our diet contains enough Vitamin D via a diet high in leafy greens, protein-rich nuts and lentils as well as fatty fish such as sardines or haddock. Some people find light boxes are of use, though these aren’t cheap and don’t work for everyone.

Talking to a Psychotherapist can also help. Counsellors and Psychotherapists can help you unravel your emotions, looking at what aspects of your lifestyle and internal orientation are contributing to the way you feel. If you’re at a cross-roads with work or a relationship, Counselling and Psychotherapy is ideally suited to help to unpick how you really feel about the situation you are in. Plus, if you’re struggling with motivation, addiction or looking after yourself, Counsellors and Psychotherapists can help to turn that around.

The transition into winter needn’t be a lonely experience. indeed, with the right support you may find the darker months are a time for reflection, inner growth and am opportunity for renewal. A chance to sow seeds for a brighter future.

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