Are your basic human needs being met in your relationships?

As humans, we all need water, food, shelter, identity, self-actualisation, self-esteem and love. These items may seen pretty basic to existing as a human being, but without them, everyday life can be very difficult.

These elements help us to manage our everyday relationships: partners, children, family members, friends, work colleagues, etc. The relationships with our partners need to be able to fulfill all our basic human needs so that we are able to live the life we choose. We should feel secure in our relationships, that your partner is 'on the same wavelength as you' and you are looking for the same things in life.

Partnerships need to be full of compromise - not always easy to achieve! With everyone having busy lives, full-time jobs, children, elderly relatives and financial pressures, the compromise sometimes gets lost when more important things become priority. We need to be able to grow together and feel that we connect in many ways.

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What do I want from this relationship? 
  • What can I offer this relationship? 
  • Can I give what I want to this relationship or are other feelings getting in the way? 
  • Is my partner right for me? 
  • Is he/she meeting my needs?
  • What areas need improvement?

Do you understand each other emotionally? Is one partner very emotional and open to their inner feelings and the other partner not? Are you able to comprise for each other?

Do you give each other space to enjoy your own hobbies and interests? Do you have the same expectations?

This relates to the compatibility of needs and wants. This area can bring up some very strong emotions. Discussing your own (and each other’s) sexual needs can be extremely liberating and improve your relationship.

This includes mutual understanding and being able to support your partner in their endeavours. 

Discussing and reviewing these areas will ensure successful relationships. Relationships need commitment and hard work. You both deserve to have the relationship you need and desire.

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